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Ceramic Coatings - Calgary car detailing pro
Ceramic coatings

Ceramic Coatings

Upgrade your car with a professional hydrophobic protection package from Car Detailing Pros. Our services offer superior shine and longevity, featuring XPEL or DuraSlic ceramic coatings and extra coating add-ons to enhance the paintwork look. Maximize the effect of daily maintenance in one easy step!

Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film

XPEL clear bra technology is the perfect way to ensure your vehicle remains pristine. Trained professionals at Calgary Auto Pros will safely apply a protective barrier that shields against dings, scratches, and swirls for maximum protection from everyday wear and tears. Prevent costly paint damage so you can enjoy hassle-free driving in the Calgary area!

Paint Protection Film - calgary car detailing pro
Window Tinting - Car detailing pro
Window Tinting

Window Tinting

Protect your ride in style with XPEL window tints from Car Detailing Pros. Whether you need an extra layer of privacy or a way to keep the temperature down on hot days, our specialized films can help make sure that your most prized possession is safe and secure! Not only do they look good, but they are also designed for unique vehicles, giving increased protection against those unwanted intruders.

Vinyl Color Change

Vinyl Color Change

If you’re ready for a car transformation, look no further than Calgary Auto Pros. With our extensive selection of cost-effective vinyl color change wraps and accent services, updating your vehicle’s exterior is easier – and more affordable -than ever before! Additionally, we offer graphics wrap installs that will provide a new level of customization to make your ride truly unique.

Vinyl Color Change - Car detailing pros
Exterior Detailing - Car detailing pro
Exterior Detailing

Exterior Detailing

At Car Detailing Pros, we clean car exteriors in order to extend their durability against the sun’s rays and environmental stresses like snow, dirt, dust and more. Our top-notch method includes a high quality shampoo applied with gentle cloths followed by using clay bars that remove stubborn particles such as tar spots, bugs residue or paint overspray stuck on your vehicle. Enjoy a sparkling ride minus any damage!

Interior Detailing

Are you looking for a spotless interior for your ride? At Car Detailing Pros, our professionals utilize the highest-grade products and superior processes – like special attention given to leather care – so that you can drive maximum comfort. Avoiding premature deterioration of materials is part of this full-suite service! Get back behind the wheel confidently with our premium car interior detail services on call today.

Interior Detailing - Car detailing pro
Paint Correction - Calgary car detailing pro
Paint Correction

Paint Correction

Are you tired of looking at your car’s dull, faded paint job? Have the spider-webbed swirl marks got you feeling down in the dumps about your vehicle’s appearance? Our expert car detailing team is here to save the day and restore a beautiful shine! Through our advanced paint enhancement services, we can eliminate scratching from dirty brushes or oxidation damage caused by UV rays. Give us just one visit – and let us make sure that when you look at it next time around, its gleam will surpass even what it was on Day One.

Experience Vehicle Perfection at Car Detailing Pros

At Car Detailing Pros, our experienced professionals utilize cutting-edge tools and techniques to deliver high-quality detailing services. We understand that automobiles are not just possessions – they can symbolize status or representations of individual style for many people. That is why we specialize in providing paint protection, ceramic coating, window tinting, and much more, empowering our customers to take their car’s appearance and functionality beyond what was previously thought possible!

Our expertise knows no bounds regarding vehicles – from classic cars laden with history up through contemporary four-door sedans or even two-wheeled motorcycles! Car Detailing Pros will always strive to meet your vision while treating each vehicle as if it were it’s own.

Make your car look new or exactly how you want it with our comprehensive vehicle improvement packages. We offer a full range of services to make your ride stand out, from vinyl wraps and chrome delete jobs to commercial graphics wrap installs and custom accenting. Instantly transform the style of any auto!

At Car Detailing Pros, we understand that the most important elements of a successful auto shop go beyond product quality and results. We strive for excellence in our workmanship, ethics, and customer satisfaction – all to make your vehicle look outstanding! No matter what type of car you have or the service it needs to keep running smoothly – come see us today at Car Detailing Pros.

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