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Car Detailing Pros - Interior Vehicle Detailing Packages

Executive Interior Detail

This package includes the following:
  • Full interior/trunk vacuum
  • Wash & shine floor mats 
  • Deep clean, and conditioned leather seats
  • Clean dash, console, cup holders, crevices, and vents
  • Clean all interior trim and plastics
  • Clean and condition door panels
  • Clean door jambs and seals
  • Clean glass inside and out
  • Shampoo headliner (Interior Ceiling)
  • Shampoo fabric floor mats
  • Shampoo and extract carpeting in the cabin and trunk 
  • Shampoo and extract cloth seats
  • Clean, spare tire compartment
  • Two bucket hand wash

Note: This package offers top-tier detailing for cars of average condition. However, factors like excessive soiling, stains, or pet hair may necessitate price increases, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind and a tailored solution regardless of your vehicle’s shape.

Save Yourself Time With Professional Interior Detailing

Interior detailing can be daunting for many vehicle owners, often leaving even the most dedicated DIY-ers feeling defeated. It’s easy to miss certain hard-to-reach areas during regular upkeep and maintenance rituals; these may then remain caked in dirt or grime that not only mars a car’s appearance but deleteriously affects its lifespan.

Get back valuable hours of your day with Car Detailing Pros’ professional interior vehicle detailing service! Let us take the hassle out of restoring that lost luster and shine on all surfaces, from leather to plastic. Our team has years of experience keeping cars looking brand-new without you resorting to ineffectual store-bought solutions – leave it all up to us!

Refresh your vehicle with our specialized package detailing services! Our experts can provide a remarkable inside-and-out experience that leaves your ride looking like new. Get in touch now and discover more about these exemplary auto care options.

Car Detailing Pros - Interior Vehicle Detailing

Frequently Asked Questions

Our XPEL Window Tint Films offer your car the best protection for its interior, keeping it cool and safe from UV rays. To ensure that even delicate components of your vehicle, like the dashboard or console, are kept in perfect condition over time, then improving upon our window tinting package with an additional interior detailing treatment is strongly recommended – a small step to guarantee long-term security against sun bleaching and damage.

Our expert technicians can restore the fresh new car smell to your carpets and cloth areas with a specialized removal process that eliminates deep-set grime, odors, and stains. However, please note the cost may vary depending on factors such as the size of the affected area or the type of damage incurred.

Stains and UV fading can often be treated easily, offering car owners long-term protection against such events. However, for more severe damage like ripped fabric or broken components, you should contact an auto body professional qualified to perfom nessacery repairs!

A clean and well-maintained vehicle is essential for any conscientious driver. At Car Detailing Pros, we recommend regular visits to our Calgary, AB detailing shop to keep your car looking its best inside and out! Our team of experienced professionals understands the importance of building long-term relationships with all customers so that they can get their vehicles back at peak performance each month. Get the interior detail job you need now – visit us today!