XPEL PPF Installation Services For Tesla Automobiles Located In Calgary, AB

Protect Your Tesla From Defects and Hazards

Protecting your Tesla from the everyday hazards of life can be daunting. From difficult weather conditions to accidental scrapes and scratches, there is no shortage of ways for damage to occur in Calgary, Alberta’s ever-changing environment. 

Car Detailing Pros offers an innovative solution: self-healing paint protection film packages explicitly designed with Tesla models in mind! Our PPF preserves the car’s exterior surfaces while safeguarding its long-term value – without sacrificing style or performance. With our help, you can ensure that your beloved vehicle remains safe and looks new!

XPEL’s paint protection film packages – aka clear bras – represent a glossy, secure shield for your Tesla. With our certified installation team here in Calgary, Alberta, specifically trained on the unique intricacies of Teslas, you can drive off with confidence, knowing that only professional-grade care was applied to protect your vehicle’s painted exterior surfaces.

Car Detailing Pros - Tesla Paint Protection Film Benefits

Safe Application

Owning a Tesla is an investment, and protecting its exterior from scratches or defects should always be top of mind. Our Detail Pros in Calgary ensure that your Paint Protection Film Package application process is stress-free by providing the highest quality experience for installation with precision accuracy to guarantee protection at all times!

Self-healing properties

XPEL PPF is designed to provide superior protection and remain resilient against abrasive impacts. With its self-healing properties, your paint is shielded from everyday hazards like rock chips, shopping carts, or belt buckles that may cause damage. The PPF has the unique ability to flex much in the same way as a trampoline when heat is applied. 

Hydrophobic Properties

At Car Detailing Pros, our XPEL Paint Protection Film offers Tesla owners a reliable solution for preventing stains and marks on their vehicle’s paintwork. With an advanced Ceramic Coating-like hydrophobic surface that repels liquids, you can spend less time cleaning your vehicle and more time enjoying the ride.

Self-Healing XPEL PPF For Your Tesla Is Just A Click Away!

Take your Tesla to the next level with XPEL Paint Protection Films! It’s easy – fill out our booking form for a free estimate. Then you’re ready to visit Car Detailing Pros and have it all installed by trusted experts. Our trusted installers are always available on-site should any questions arise about product installation, maintenance or warranty coverage. Be prepared for a smooth ride ahead with premium protection from start to finish!