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Full Enhancement Detail


Let us upgrade your ride to reveal its full potential. Our Full Enhancement detailing package starts with an intensive hand wash and decontamination, removing any leftover debris from the road that has accumulated on your vehicle’s surface. Afterward, we perform a paint correction treatment to lift defects such as swirls and scratches while polishing for enhanced clarity, brilliance, and shine – leaving you beaming in admiration of what was beneath all along!

After a Full enhancement service, your vehicle will be protected with a high-end spray sealant. However, consider upgrading to our XPEL Ceramic Coating service package for the ultimate shine and long-term protection. The extra investment is worth it!


At Car Detailing Pros, we’ll take your car to the next level with our exceptional detailing service. Our experts employ a range of techniques and top-of-the-line products to remove dirt, grime, and odors – leaving behind that freshly waxed new car smell! 

We start by shampooing all carpets before deep cleaning cloth seats or treating leathers with pH-neutral cleansers. Any tricky headliner stains will be taken care of, too – no spot is overlooked! 

The trunk area and spare tire section also get their own dedicated clean for extra vibrancy… it would look like you just drove off the lot again!

Full Maintenance Detail


Invest in your car’s Full Maintenance detailing package and get ready to be dazzled! This package includes our Exterior Maintenance Detail package. This will ensure you have a glossy finish that adds extra sparkle. 

We perform our two-bucket wash procedure followed by clay-bar treatment, leaving no grime behind on the surface of your ride. So say goodbye to dirt and hello to shine – prepare for some showroom shine!


At Car Detailing Pros, we take a methodic approach to reviving your vehicle’s interior with our signature detailing service. 

Our experienced technicians cleanse all surfaces inside – from carpeting and cloth seats right up to headliners – removing dirt & debris while effectively banishing any persistent odors that may have settled in. 

No space is left untouched: hot water extraction and shampooing to remove stubborn stains from the carpets and fabric seats, then leather cleaner gives new life to leather seating while removing body oils and grease. And last but not least, trunk & spare tire areas get a well-deserved cleanup. To ensure that your car is cleaned to the best possible condition, we are just one call away!

The Best Car Detailing Shop In Calgary

Car detailing should not be taken lightly; a poor job can leave your car looking worse than it did before. With Car Detailing Pros, you can have confidence knowing that our experts are dedicated to providing you with the best car detailing experience in Calgary. Our pros are highly skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to both exterior and interior vehicle detailing. We understand the importance of protecting your investment, so each project is approached with precision and an eye for detail. We strive to provide our customers with an immaculate vehicle that looks and feels brand new without breaking the bank.

Car Detailing Pros only uses top-of-the-line products and materials to ensure we deliver a supreme quality finish with every detail job. Our two combination detailing packages are designed specifically for Calgary vehicles, considering all sorts of shapes, sizes, and materials. You don’t have to worry about going over budget either; our rates are very reasonable compared to other high-end local shops. Plus, as a bonus for choosing us as your Calgary car detailing shop, you get exclusive access to our online booking system, which makes scheduling appointments easy! 

Finally, our team truly cares about the satisfaction of each customer who walks through our doors. We take great pride in delivering superior customer service from start to finish; this means free consultations so that you understand what services you need and why they are necessary for your car’s longevity. Furthermore, if at any point during the process, you’re not satisfied with how your vehicle looks or have any inquiries or concerns, feel free to let us know; we’ll ensure everything is up to standard or answer any questions promptly! Car Detailing Pros is the place to go if you want comprehensive car detailing in Calgary!

A Cost-Effective Way To Detail Your Vehicle

Car Detailing Pros offers a more cost-effective way to clean your ride thoroughly. Our package detailing option allows customers to select options that simultaneously work on both the interior and exterior of their vehicle, allowing them to achieve the best aesthetic results for their car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle without having to choose one over the other. Our packages start at competitive prices and can be customized according to each customer’s needs and budget. We also provide additional services, such as paint correction and ceramic coatings, depending on the vehicle’s condition. 

Customers can rest assured knowing that all our technicians are highly trained and certified professionals with years of experience in car detailing. All parts of our detailing process are handled with extreme care — from hand washing and waxing to interior vacuum cleaning and carpet shampooing — giving your ride a thorough deep clean that you won’t find elsewhere. In addition, we use only high-quality products, such as premium polishes and chemicals designed specifically for automotive use, so you can be sure that your car is being treated right. 

Additionally, Car Detailing Pros offers additional services such as trim restoration and paint protection film installation for those who want to take their detailing even further. They also use eco-friendly products wherever possible to help reduce their environmental impact. With so many comprehensive services offered at competitive prices, it’s no wonder why more people are turning to this group of experts when it comes time to give their ride some TLC. So if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to thoroughly clean your ride in Calgary, look no further than Car Detailing Pros!

A Cost-Effective Way To Detail Your Vehicle - Car detailing pros

Benefits Of Detailing Service Combos

Your Car Will Look Brand New

Your Car Will Look Brand New

Enjoy the luxury of driving your automobile as if it were brand new! Our combination vehicle detailing packages will provide a full decontamination and paint correction for the exterior, along with interior stain removal to restore that alluring ‘new car smell.’ Make time stand still in style by transforming your ride into its original glory.

Keeping It Clean Inside And Out

Keeping It Clean, Inside And Out

Keep your vehicle shining for weeks to months with our comprehensive detailing packages! Our expert team ensures a perfect shine by using specialized protective formulas that keep interior and exterior surfaces pristine, no matter the conditions. Drive away stress free, knowing you won’t need another detail soon!

Decontaminate, Even Hard-To-Reach Areas

An automobile is more than a means of transport – it’s an investment. While home wash and regular car washes may give your vehicle the once over, there are many crevices where dirt will undoubtedly accumulate that could harm its interior or exterior components. To make sure you get optimal protection for your automotive asset, invest in professional detailing services to eliminate grime from every corner!

Complete Auto Restoration

Complete Auto Restoration

With Car Detailing Pros’ innovative package detailing, you can enjoy the luxury of driving an essentially brand-new vehicle. Our interior decontamination and stain removal system revitalizes tired carpets and upholstery, while our exterior polishing eliminates fine scratches, swirl marks, and dullness to restore your car’s dazzling showroom sheen!