Exterior car detailing Services in Calgary

Restoring Automotive Exteriors

Exterior Detailing Packages


A proper wash
$ 69
  • Tow-Bucket hand wash
  • Hand dry
  • Wheel face cleaned
  • Pressure wash door jambs
  • Bug removal
  • Apply tire shine
  • Apply hot wax
  • Truck box included
Quick Clean

Add $10 for large SUVs

Add $30 for Mini-vans 

*In-Shop only 


Above & Beyond
$ 129
  • Express +
  • Clean emblems
  • Clay bar treatment
  • Carnauba wax
  • Blow out crevasses
Best value

Add $20 for small SUV

Add $40 for large SUV/Truck

Add $60 for Mini-vans 

*In-shop only 


$ 229
  • Refresh+
  • Iron Removal
  • 1 Step machine polish
  • trim restoration
  • Machine applied sealant
Nost popular

Add $30 for small SUV

Add $60 for large SUV/Truck

Add $60 for Mini-vans 

*In-shop only 

Note: This package offers top-tier detailing for cars of average condition. However, factors like excessive soiling/mud, scratches may necessitate price increases, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind and a tailored solution regardless of your vehicle’s shape.

Additional add-ons

Tar Removal

Tar removal is crucial in vehicle detailing. Tar sticks to paint, risking damage and corrosion if not removed. Regular tar elimination protects the vehicle's finish, maintains its value, and keeps it looking pristine. It's an essential step for a spotless car exterior

Tree sap removal

Tree sap removal is essential in auto detailing. Sap can etch into the paint, causing staining and damage. Prompt removal protects the finish, preserves the car's aesthetic, and maintains its value. It's a key step for maintaining a vehicle's pristine condition

scratch removal

Paint correction for scratch removal is key in detailing. It not only restores a vehicle's shine but also prevents rust. Meticulous correction enhances appearance and protects the car's value, making it a critical investment for vehicle upkeep and longevity

Windshield Cermaic

Windshield ceramic coating is vital for visibility and durability. It repels water, reduces smudges, and resists scratches, enhancing driver safety. As a detailing must-have, it not only preserves clarity but also extends the windshield's life. Essential for maintenance and clear vision

Under Carriage

Undercarriage cleaning is a critical component of vehicle detailing. It removes harmful elements like salt and grime that can cause rust and decay. This process protects the vehicle’s structural integrity and helps to prevent costly future repairs

Top-Shelf Wax

Our wax will fortify you vehicle's exteriors with a durable shield, repelling water and dirt. Its ceramic sealant technology provides long-lasting gloss and protection, making maintenance easier. A detailer's choice for preserving a vehicle's showroom shine.

Engine Bay

Engine bay detailing is pivotal in vehicle maintenance. Beyond aesthetics, a clean engine bay helps in efficient heat dissipation, early leak detection, and preventing premature wear. By removing grime and contaminants, it ensures optimal performance and extends vehicle longevity. 

Headlight Restoration

Headlight restoration removes haziness and scratches caused by UV rays and environmental factors, using special tools and compounds. It enhances a car's appearance, makes it look well-maintained, and increases safety by improving night visibility. Additionally, it can boost the car's resale value due to its aesthetic appeal.

Windshield Chip

Windshield chip repair in vehicle detailing is vital. Even minor chips can expand into large cracks, compromising safety and clarity. Addressing chips promptly preserves the windshield's integrity, prevents costly replacements, and maintains clear vision while driving. In detailing, it's a proactive step towards vehicle longevity and safety.

Note: This package offers top-tier detailing for cars of average condition. However, factors like excessive soiling/mud, scratches may necessitate price increases, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind and a tailored solution regardless of your vehicle’s shape.

Car Detailing Pros Works With You

At Car Detailing Pros, you’ll always be aware of the situation when giving your vehicle a makeover. We work with every customer, providing quality detailing services that decontaminate their car and restore its paintwork while keeping them informed at all stages of the process. A seamless collaboration between us ensures you get what you need – without surprises!

As Calgary’s premier detailing service provider, we always strive for excellence. Our Calgary-based exterior vehicle detailing team is trained in the most advanced techniques and tools to ensure top-quality service every time. Clients come back repeatedly because they trust our dedication – only settle for the best in automotive car care!

Get a shine inside and out with our combination detailing packages. Treat your car to the complete treatment with specialized services tailored just for you – click here to learn more!

Premium Exterior Car Detailing Services Located In Calgary, AB

Bring Life Back to Dull Rides - Exterior Auto Detailing Magic!

Is your automobile looking a bit ‘meh’? With our extensive exterior detailing options, ranging from maintenance to paint correction, it’s time for you to show off that beautiful car like never before. 

To ensure that your exterior customizations stay in perfect condition, our vehicle detailing crew provides a comprehensive service to protect the paint and any other protective films or coatings you’ve already applied. Our team can also extend these benefits beyond essential protection for those interested in changing their car’s look with unique vinyl wraps.

So, let us bring out the best in its exterior with our professional detailing packages. Plus, check out our additional services – guaranteed to enhance and customize your ride’s complete look like never before. Get in touch today for more information!

For more details on the detailing process: Exterior Detailing Beyond a Simple Car Wash

Frequently Asked Questions

Our experts provide a thorough decontamination and paint sealant application to help keep your car looking its best. However, a general rule of thumb, you should get your vehicle’s exterior detailed once per month.

Regular waxing and sealants are a great option to keep your car looking its best. However, our ceramic coating packages take protection to the next level – far exceeding that of short-term paint sealant solutions. After restoring your vehicle’s exterior with detailing services, we encourage you give added strength to surfaces with XPEL Ceramic Coating packages installed by our skilled team.

Exterior vehicle detailing involves hand washing, decontamination using clay bars, and dressing all exposed surfaces – removing any contaminants built up over time. However, paint correction is a refined process that can help restore your car’s paint finish and erase any unsightly blemishes such as light scratches, dings, or stains. It’s the perfect way to maintain its sparkle for years to come!