Protect your vehicle from physical damage with self-healing clear bras

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Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film Packages

Maintain Your Vehicle’s Perfection Without Avoiding Driving It

Don’t let the hazards of Calgary roads stop your love for driving! Keep safe and stylish with Car Detailing Pros’ self-healing urethane clear bra. Our paint protection film will keep any wear and tear from damaging your precious ride, so you can enjoy the open road without worrying about unsightly defects.

Paint protection film – AKA clear bra – can be an invaluable investment for your vehicle; unlike ceramic coating, PPF offers superior defense against scratches and damage. Constructed of urethane that is flexible enough to stretch back into place when minor impacts or scratches occur on its surface, this protective asset shields the original paintwork from costly replacements due to permanent wear and tear.

At Car Detailing Pros, we are proud to be certified installers of XPEL Paint Protection Film- the protection your car needs. With their innovative self-healing technology, these products boast some of the most reliable paint protection on the market today. So you can have peace of mind that your vehicle is safe from everyday elements and wear & tear. To find out more information or get started with installation services, contact our experienced team at Car Detailing Pros!

Why do we highly recommend PPF for your vehicle?

Chemical resistance

Chemical resistance

Paint protection film and our ceramic coating packages share a distinctive similarity – both provide an abrasion-resistant, hydrophobic surface with enhanced gloss to protect the paintwork from stains, fading caused by the sun’s UV rays, or other damaging environmental factors. Self-healing properties are one of the main benefits that draw customers to PPF products; however, this is just one advantage among many offered in either package.

Damage resistance

At Car Detailing Pros, vehicle owners come to us for clear bra installations so they can enjoy the security and peace of mind that comes with an added layer of protection. From avoiding flinching at every rock that hits your door to eliminating worries about parking in a busy lot – our paint protection film gives drivers confidence in knowing their car is well-protected from exterior damage.

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

A sleek, pristine exterior not only boosts a vehicle owner’s confidence and pride but is also essential to ensure the proper operation of their beloved ride. Luckily, paint protection film can eliminate many common concerns for vehicular owners by creating an irreplaceable layer of defense against scratches and other external harm that could occur over time.

Low-maintenance cost

A clear bra coverage for your car provides the ultimate defense against harsh elements and everyday use. PPF eliminates the need for frequent exterior cleaning and decreases potential paint damage that can occur from abrasions – meaning you don’t have to worry about buffing or polishing!

Can we ceramic coat paint protection film?

Car Detailing Pros’ paint protection film service is the cream of the crop. So why stop there? You can continue to maximize your vehicle’s exterior and further safeguard it from UV damage with a self-healing ceramic coating application!

Automobile owners looking for the highest level of protection regarding their vehicle’s paint should consider combining ceramic coatings with XPEL Paint Protection Film packages. Both products provide a layer of defense against staining and fading while reinforcing gloss levels – creating an ultimate shield that ensures your car looks pristine for significantly longer! Installing both offers unmatched coverage, so you can have peace of mind knowing any extra potential damage is covered.

Boost your car’s glimmer and make it look brand new with our paint protection film from Car Detailing Pros. Upgrade further by adding a ceramic coating for an even more impressive shine that will have heads turning! Get started today to double up on the aesthetic depth of your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Car Detailing Pros is proud to present Xpel ceramic coating as the pinnacle of car protection. Its excellent gloss, dirt-repellency, and hydrophobic properties make automobiles look better than ever before!

Xpel paint protection film and XPEL Fusion Plus ceramic coating both offer powerful defense against elements, dirt, and scratches—you name it! But for those looking for superior rock-guard effectiveness that lasts longer than a typical coating — XPEL Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film offers the ultimate solution. Their unbeatable combination of cushioning and hardshell protection defies Mother Nature’s toughest tests.

We specialize in a range of PPF (paint protection film) removal services that are tailored to each customer’s need. From brand-new films with maximum coverage, all the way down to pre-loved pieces with limited adhesion – no matter your requirement our process ensures you get quality results at prices ranging from $180-$500.